Wheelers Hill Psychology Centre

189 Jells Road, wheelers hill 3150

ph 0406 321 177


Wheelers Hill Psychology

 189 Jells Road

Wheelers Hill  3150 

0406​ 321 177

​I can offer face to face seessions in my office and can also do consultations by Skype.

Sessions delivered by Skyke do not attract a Medicare rebate currently, so the full fee is applicable. You may be eligible to claim on your Private Health insurance.  Payment for Skype session needs to be made up front before the session starts.

Modes of Therapy

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I am experienced in a number of evidence based therapies which include:
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)- Cognitive Behavioural Therapy looks at the relationship between thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  Though this process you learn how to challenge your thoughts and change how you feel.
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy- Learn how to accept things you can’t change and how to commit to action for the things you can change. This type of therapy helps put you in touch with your goals and the things that give your life meaning, and then help you learn how to take action towards those goals.
  • Positive Psychology interventions which looks at helping people identify their strenghts and build upon them.
  • Relaxation training- learn to understand and manage stress through various physical and mental techniques.
  • Mindfulness- learn mindfulness skills, or ‘paying attention to the moment’, as a way to help you engage with the present.  This can be a powerful tool to help you deal with a range of issues including worrying and anxiety, as you learn to redirect your attention away from troubling thoughts or experiences.
  • Play therapy is less directive but gives children the opportunity to express their stories and emotions without words. It helps children learn to express feelings without words and gives insight into issues.  

  • Worry
  • Go for a walk
  • Get a drink of water
  • Talk to a friend
  • Drink
  • Eat
  • Spend

While these strategies can help sometimes, sometime they wont help all the time.  Therapy can help you learn some other ways to handle stress, such as changing the way you think about situations, time manaegment and sometimes learning how to mentally step back from situations. 

How do you handle stress?

  1. Is my child ready for school?
  2. How can I help my anxious child?
  3. How can I build resilience in my children?
  4. How can I stop yelling?​

For children, counselling  will depend upon the age and the abilities of the child, particualry their verbal ability.  Primarily I use play therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. There is a lot of evidence to support both play therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy as interventions for a number of issues.

The teen years are a special time of life where there are many physical, mental and social changes.  While this is exciting for many it also presents many challenges.  I can help teens and parents work through some of the challenges presented at this time.


Top Parenting Worries 

The counselling relationship is a therapeutic relationship between the psychologist and the client, which is goal directed and objective. Counselling can help you by offering an objective perspective in safe, caring space that is confidential and just focussed on you and your child.  This may be very helpful for parents as they navigate difficult issues with their children. 

Children and Adolescents

Types of Therapy

How counselling can help

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