Wheelers Hill Psychology Centre

189 Jells Road, wheelers hill 3150

ph 0406 321 177


Wheelers Hill Psychology

 189 Jells Road

Wheelers Hill  3150 

0406​ 321 177

Give your centre an edge by offering social skills programs in house.

Consulting to Early learning and schools

Social Skills Programs for children

School readiness groups

Social Skills Groups for Primary aged children

Is your child ready for school? If not come along to our school readiness group to help give them the best start.

We have a range of social skills groups for all ages.

 Counselling can help children & adolescents and adults with issues such as:

Anxiety & Panic attacks



Post Natal Depression


Parenting help

Healing from Trauma

Grief and loss

Body image and eating

Counselling for:

 Psychologists offer different types of therapy. Evidence based therapies I offer are: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT),  Positive Psychology,  Acceptance and Committment Therapy (ACT), and Play Therapy.

Counselling for Adults


We offer a range of educational assessment for children. 

Counselling can help children work through their feelings and then help them learn to self regulate their emotions. Counselling for children focuses on the child and their surroundings. 
Counselling children & teens
Counselling can help you by offering an objective perspective in safe, caring space. Psychologists are highly trained to understand social, emotional and physical issues and can give you strategies to help.


for adults, adolescents and children


How counselling helps